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Public Way Reservation System (for projects in the public right-of-way, usually the street or sidewalk) – live link on what is occurring in real-time

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Adams Boulevard Safety Improvements – website


Adams Blvd Safety Project Website

Website link

LADOT Adams Blvd. Safety Programs

LADOT video with an update on the Adams Blvd Safety Project

LADOT is proposing changes to Adams that will improve traffic safety and accessibility for all. Changes may include pavement repair, signal upgrades, bike lanes, lane reduction, pedestrian beacons, pedestrian refuge islands, and other safety treatments.

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Apply to be a Public Safety Advisory Committee Members

Public Safety Advisory Committee

Metro is continuously working to improve our transportation system and every trip experience for our riders. We are committed to ensuring that we are using safety and law enforcement practices that keep Metro safe for everyone.

Metro is establishing a transit Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC), which will work to review, comment and provide input on how the agency can re-imagine public safety on its system.

If you’re interested in being on a public safety advisory committee now is your time to apply at Metro!

Who can be a committee member?
Committee membership is voluntary and non-compensated. Members should be non-Metro employees that:

  • Regularly ride Metro buses or trains.
  • Are committed to ensuring that Metro follows best practices for providing transportation that is safe, and feels safe for its customers.
  • Bring relevant knowledge and expertise as a resident, advocate for racial justice and/or public safety reform, law enforcement expert, mental health provider or expert, or social services provider or expert.
  • Note: Members serving on the PSAC are not required to be US citizens.

Plans to Accelerate Paving in High Traffic Areas

Adjusted Deployment to Accelerate Paving in High Traffic Corridors (ADAPT)

Street paving and some street sweeping from residential streets to major corridors. With this change, many projects will be completed more quickly, and those staying at home will be less impacted by noise and disruption. (More info click here)

X-ing on Adams: A Vision Zero Project

Constructing the Future: Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project