Excited to share our first set of trees were planted this month! For the past year-plus the WANC Public Safety Committee Chair worked with LA SANITATION & ENVIRONMENT (Amy Schulenberg) in the planning and community outreach! There was an outreach and survey effort asking our stakeholders what type of trees they wanted to be planted in our neighborhood. This survey was available to all who wanted to weigh in!

We are just getting started on this effort to better sustain our community with more shade and environmental approaches to combat the toxic carbon emissions that surround our neighborhood!

Per the maintenance of the trees: here is an update on the plan!

The trees will be watered and maintained by the Urban Forestry Division of StreetsLA. They will water them as long as they believe the trees need the care with an expected range of 3 -5 years of care. They do a fantastic job looking after a select portion of my grant trees. For example, if there is a tree vandalized, they will clean it up (removing any debris and tripping hazards).

After that time, the trees will join the ranks of street trees throughout the City in the sense that there will not be regular watering but they would be on any trim cycle deemed necessary by the City. The trees are expected to fully exist on their own at that time.

After that, if the NC wants to fund a once or twice a year tree maintenance from a non-profit.



When you’re strolling along the Adams Corridor check out our new trees – each tree has a white tag attached to it that informs the community on the type of tree! How cool and mindful! This work has been and continues to be a collaborative effort of the West Adams Neighborhood Council Public Safety Committee, LA SANITATION & ENVIRONMENT, LA CONSERVATION CORP, and Urban Forestry Division of Streets LA!

tree planted in West Adams sidewalk
tree planted in West Adams sidewalk
Chinese Elm tree